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Wilderness Skills Institute Enrollment

Wilderness Skills Institute classes begin September 6, 2016. Enrollment for the 2016 - 2017 school year is open now. WSI accepts exceptional students throughout the year.

“At Wilderness Skills Institute, I get to study topics that are relevant to my career interests and not the general population’s. I manage my own curriculum and enjoy what I learn while challenging myself to grow as a scholar.” -Jack Delli-Santi (Age 15)

Services Wilderness Skills Institute Provides

Wilderness Skills Institute, LLC is a polytechnic educational institute using proven research in how the brain makes robust connections, guiding the students in learning how to learn in a most efficient manner. Wilderness Skills Institute mentors treat each student as an individual encouraging them to go deep in the subjects that they have a passion for, introducing them to subjects that spur enthusiasm to most youth, and using those subjects as the vehicle to learn math, science, reading, writing, etc. in an environment that is proven to make people happy and successful.


WSI Programs Include

K-12 Day School is a New Paradigm of Education

Wilderness Skills Institute's Day and Resident K-12 School has dramatically changed the paradigm in education with a new way of developing and delivering content and measuring success.

Our students learn the same subjects they would in traditional schools; math, science, English, etc. The difference is our students learn these as tools to study what they're passionate about, in a manner that is aligned with how they truly learn.

Using proven coaching practices we are a total immersion talent development school where the core of the school is about guiding the students to dive deep into what they are passionate about.

We treat each student as an individual developing a program that best suits that student’s passions, talents, interests, skills, strengths and weaknesses.

In the wilderness 6 hours per day, 4 to 5 days of the week for 170 days our students become deeply connected to nature as well as developing grit.

No standardized tests but performing real work. No grades but doing all work to mastery and displaying this work in a portfolio for postsecondary admission or their employment process.

Our Wilderness Camps and Special Events are intensive total immersion experiences intended to give the students deep connections in material we could not provide in the framework of the school day. Some of these camps and events are designed to make our youth confident and self-reliant in the wilderness. These camps provide experiences to students that cannot attend our school as well as a co-curricular experience for our own students.

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Teen Total Immersion Wilderness Camps

Our Wilderness Camps and Special Events are intensive total immersion wilderness experiences intended to make youth confident and self-reliant in the wilderness. These camps provide experience to students that cannot attend our school as well as a co-curricular experience for our own students.

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Department of Fish and Wildlife Hunter Education classes for all ages.

WSI offers

  • General Hunter Education -- this is the class that is needed first for all hunters regardless of how the game is taken.
  • International Bow Hunter -- This class is required in some states if you are going to hunt during the archery only season
  • Primative Skills

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Therapy Dog Therapy Dog Visits

Therapy Dog Visits: Our K9s are certified through Therapy Dogs International. Dolly and Taft both love visiting with the kids while reading, visiting with Hospice patients and their families, as well as senior living centers. Our visits put smiles on faces and wags on tails.

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We so get what you do; WOG is the “Teen Whisperer” The father of Kimberly

I'm not sure how you do it, or even what you do; I cannot believe it, the tv is off, he is already asleep, and in the backyard under the stars. Parent of Erik

Your California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Hunter Education class far surpassed my expectations. I have been hunting for over 20 years and just needed the class to get an out of state license; I have a much better understanding of my role of the hunter in the management of wildlife, I feel I am a safer hunter, I feel better about being a good mentor to my son.

A Dad at the end of a Hunter Education class

I just had to tell you how thankful we are that Jack is in your school, he loves it. The Mother of a preteen in the school

This is the only camp my son wants to do this summer he walked taller at the end of the teen camp. The mother of a teen boy

I have been hunting for years but misplaced my license, therefore, needed to retake the class. Brian kept it fun and I learned new material.

Thank you. I know it is a long drive for me and there are other classes closer but my grandson took the hunter ed class with you last month and my son sat in on it and told me I had to take it with you.

Gentleman calling up to schedule a Hunter Ed Class

I have read the books, had others at the range show me what to do, I thought I had it, but with just a few minutes with you I so get it now, my groups are so much tighter, and with such a little change in my form; I can’t wait to share this with my students.

An archery instructor after a level 1 instuctors class

WAIT WAIT WAIT, do that again you made that look so easy, that is so much better then how I do that. That just paid for the entire workshop. An archery instructor seeing Brian finish serving on a bow string in a Level 2 archery instructors class

I am a new 'back to the land person' and a new 4H leader, I came here to learn how to butcher my goats, I now have a much better understanding of how the 4 chambers in the stomach works and what I should be feeding. I have been dreading having to butcher my goats, it was very edgy for me. I was a vegan for years. The whole process today was calm, respectful, and compassionate. If you eat meat you should take this class.

This is great, it is like watching a bunch of post grad students collaborating but they are 10 -15. And what is so cool is the instuctor just off handedly asked a question. I would have had them read their text, spent 30 minutes lecturing, would have given them worksheets that I spent hours working on last night and then tonight would have spent a good hour grading them. All he said was “Did you see that there are more springs and more water flowing in the creek today then there was in July, we have not had any rain, why is there more water now? You would think there would be less?” That is all he said, he did not even tell them to go discuss it. The teens and preteens were sitting under the trees talking about the tilt of the earth, the moon, hot temperature, Wow, I do not even know why. I love how they will give him an answer, he does not respond, not even change his expression, and they ask themselves more questions. It is great how a simple nod yields such elation from these teens and how they are so much more aware than what I have seen in other outdoor programs. He made it look like no more than taking some teens and preteens on a hike.

The summery of a teacher shadowing one of our mentors

Educational Quotes

“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.” Leonardo da Vinci

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